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DATE: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:52:38 -0700 (PDT)
FROM: Seb ???
TO: pulp@stupid.com
SUBJECT: Hello.......

Hello Ash, i have just recently viewed Pulp's "deleted scenes".
After viewing your hate mail section i thought to myself , these two "fans" made a blind attempt to get to you by throwing random insults in a so called fit of rage, or so it seemed.
This basically set them up for your witty comical comebacks . I on the other hand think that your "hate mail" section needs more letters . So i'm taking the liberty to add one myself. This isn't really a letter of praise nor one of hate, just one of..... "criticism".

Actually i'd like to address only one area where i disagree with you. this statement.
"foreign videos are just an arty-farty collection of semiotic Euro-trash that blindly points back to itself and says: "I speak a foreign language instead of English. I am suave and have savvy. Look at me and see the inner depth..."

Ahhhh Ash my poor misguided ignorant culturally-blind friend. From what i understand you have only seen a minimal amount of foreign films on behalf of your own personal choice. I obviously assume that you yourself only speak one language fluently, English. In case you haven't noticed thousands of modern amercanized movies suck and among them a small percentage of them are worth seeing. The same concept applies to the foreign movies you so quickly put down, which is quite a narrow minded point of view. Anyways you are very quick to judge yet not to consider different perpectives. Foreign movies can be quite enlightening not only as a story but they introduce cultures which our society so often rejects making us the mindless ignorant fools you, Ash ,so commonly detest. This certainly gives you the image of a hypocrite in my view.
I just find it very strange how some one who makes valid comments about the society we live in is blind to the fact he is an ignorant uncultured slob.

I am anticipating a witty well thought out reply to this message. Hopefully one which doesn't resort to calling me a hippy/hippie or making insignificant comment to the grammar/punctuation etc. because you can't think of anything better to say. :)


DATE: Thursday, July 12, 2001
FROM: Ash pulp@stupid.com
TO: Seb ????
SUBJECT: Xenophoberific


First of all, I don't recall ever actually writing the comment you quoted me on. But, since I agree with it wholeheartedly, and have said many similar things in the past, I'll take time out of my busy schedule to defend it. I do not, however, hate all foreign movies. I'm a big fan of the 70s-80s period of Italian zombie/cannibal exploitation flicks, and Spain has a charming series of Blind Dead films that explore the metaphysical aspects of flesh-eating ghouls. However, since very few of these filmmakers had the common decency to make their films in English, they can't possibly measure up to classic American entertainment like Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While I cede that foriegn films do serve the purpose of introducing us Westerners to different cultures, many of these cultures quite frankly suck. I mean, honestly, the French? I'll pass, thanks. And if I have to see one more Swedish film about female sexual repression, I'm going to slit my wrists with my ticket stub. And that's not to mention the Japanese. I've got nothing against school girls, and nothing against tentacle rape, but I really have trouble dealing with the whole cutsey, teddy-bear sidekick thing. So you see, other cultures really don't have all that much to offer us, except for the occasional culinary delicacy and as a target for hate crimes. Oh, and by the way, despite what you might understand, as a film student, I've probably seen more foreign movies than you have IQ points, no offence.

And you spelled 'Americanized' wrong.


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