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June 2001

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In this issue:   Teen-speak Knightmares!   Evil Lives!   TV Trials and Tribulations!   PLUS:  Eeyore Laments the Death of Punk,   X Has a Flesh Tantrum,   Ash Gives a Music Lesson,  and an honest to goodness Female Goregasm!
An Introduction From Ash

Hello, and welcome to the new issue of PULP. This installment is the first of Series 2 that has been composed entirely during the summer months, away from the pressures of academia. Some might automatically assume that this means that PULP VIII will be less angry and caustic than its predecessors, as I have had time to relax, and am relatively free from that scourge of higher education: the art-school hippie. But while the past few weeks of my life have been relatively free of art-school hippies, who irritate me to no end with their assumption that they've matured since high school just because they buy a bottle of red wine to get drunk off of at parties instead of a six-pack of Keith's, I have found to my chagrin that this has made me no less hostile. In fact, the extra time has given me ample opportunity to stew, boil, seethe, and in general move several steps further in the Unabomber direction. And, as my hatred now lacks a distinct focus, I've discovered that I'm now more open to hating other, newer things, like Heath Ledger, Converse, and women. So really, this issue of PULP you now hold in your hands is a celebration of diversity, of the wide world of thoughts, ideas, creeds, and opinions that are available throughout the planet to despise and ridicule. Yes, it is a noble and humanitarian effort, an attempt to bring everybody in our small world together in mutual hatred of each other, but I don't do it for the glory, the money, or the women, I do it for the love.

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