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October 2001

Download the word version, perfect for printing and handing out on street corners!
In this issue:    Spooks, shocks, Satan, and the Return of the Living Eeyore! .
Top Ten Additional Reasons I Hate Ash

  1. He's so, so difficult
  2. PULP is a newsletter, not a way of life
  3. Refuses to believes that he's not a machine "built by the devil and powered by the dead"
  4. For the last time, Ash Wednesday is not 'your special day'
  5. Insists that he has venomous spit.
  6. Shouldn't he have grown tired of the monkeys by now?
  7. Won't stop asking if I need my soul for the next little while. It's very off-putting.
  8. Slayer in the morning, Slayer in the evening, Slayer at supper time… enough said
  9. The language is French, not 'wrong', dammit!
  10. I'm so sick of stories that start: "so I was talking to this stripper…"

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