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Spring 2000

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Time Code *****

Director Mike Figgis, whom you may remember from Leaving Las Vegas, a movie with more continuity errors than spoken lines, returns to his envelope-pushing form with Time Code, an innovative film that is actually four different movies shown together on one screen. And by ‘innovative’ of course I mean confusing. You ever tried to watch four things at once? I can barely count to four, let alone keep track of four ‘intertwiningin tales’. Hell, I can’t even spell intertwining without a word processor. Each of the four movies was shot in one uninteruppted take, so they’re full of unexpected turns of events and witty improvs, by which of course I mean screw-ups. The stories all revolve around a Hollywood production company producing B-grade suspence/thriller movies, by which of course I mean soft-core porn. There is plenty of subterfuge and backstabbing to go around, and it’s all to be experienced in thrilling ‘confuso-vision’. I’m not used to movies making me pay attention, so anything that make me think for longer than an average commercial break gives me a headache, so rest assured that Time Code left me with a migrane bigger than a pregnant Rita McNeal. But, if for some reason you’re one of them art-movie freaks, by which of course I mean someone to whom plot is more than a distraction from the explosions, than this might be the movie for you, but if you’re like me, pass and go see something a little more entertaining. By which of course I mean Mission Impossible 2, this summer’s non-stop thrill ride of wacky funtime excitement.

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