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Spring 2000

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Mission Impossible 2 **

Now, it’s not that I have anything against the mentally handicapped, it’s just that I have a problem watching movies that appear to either be aimed at or written entirely by the poor fellows. Call me snobby, but I like my movies to have slightly more plot than the back of a Cheerios box, and both Mission Impossible movies fail quite miserably in that respect. This one, manages not only to avoid making any sense whatsoever, but it has the added bonus of being unendingly boring. Hey, the first one may have been harder to follow than a epileptic mute trying to explain tangential calculus, but at least stuff blew up every five minutes. Here, they keep trying to involve you in the plot by having the characters discuss amoungst themselves. What is this, Cannes? I’m trying to watch a movie here. I’ve got enough trouble with the people in the seats beside me talking, let alone having to put up with the characters in the movie blithering on about this or that. Plot, schmlot, I want explotions and death-defying stunts. Granted, M12 does have that in spades, but only at the beginning or end. The middle chunk is full of all this worthless crap about viruses and pharmalological companies and some such nonsense. The leaps of faith required to enjoy this movie are far too much for me, since the only leaping I do is from channel to channel, and then only rarely since my remote controll is fairly heavy. Mission Impossible fans will be happy to know that the cheesy masks that made no sense in the first movie continue to make no sense in the sequel, except to a much greater degree. All in all, it seems that while the producers of the film seem to be trying to set a precedent by overestimating the audiences intelligence, they seem to have seriously underestimated their own. But, on the other hand, I have just been informed that if a movie company decides to use of portion of your film review on a print ad, you get paind thousands of dollars, so who am I to trash this summer’s non-stop thrill ride of wacky funtime excitement?

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