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Spring 2000

Download the word version, perfect for printing and handing out on street corners!
This is not truly the end for pulp, check out Series 2! for more whacky pulp antics!

So here it is, the final issue of pulp. Well, we’ve had a good run, lasting over twelve years, thirty issues, and so many lies I’ve lost count, but now sadly it’s time to call an end to it all. There’s a part of me that wishes that I’d started pulp back when I first started high school seven years ago, that I might have had more time to spread my wit and wisdom to the world. And then there’s another, louder part of me that wishes I had never started this godforsaken rag in the first place, that I might have had more time to sleep and perchance to dream of more sleeping, instead of sitting up at a computer and two in the mornign trying to finish this freakin’ issue so I can get it out before school ends. Then there’s yet another part of me that wishes I had so variety of laser cannon attached to my head so I could blow up people who walk real slow in the stairwells, but that doesn’t really apply here. Suffice it to say that I’m immensley proud of PULP and all that it’s accomplished, namely making a few people laugh and more than a few people angry, and I’m also immensly grateful to all you people out there who bothered to read this crap. We’ve tried to make this last issue an extra-special issue, chock full of full-length articles from some of our funniest contributors, but of course as usual no one bothered to write anything, so it’s just the usual crap except more of it. But the thought was there, and it’s all just to thank you, the reader, for all you support. I just want you to know that if you were walking extra-slow in the halls because you were reading PULP, I probably wouldn’t blow you up.

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