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Greetings, I'm Neale, a budding graphic designer / web designer / digital artist / video game designer / filmmaker / robot builder / whatever else I feel like doing. I created this column as a means for artists to share their work with others and express themselves. I myself dabble extensively in abstract digital art and animation, among the many things listed above, and will be sharing new pieces of my own nearly every week.

I spend my time wandering from place to place, searching for masters of the yo-yo with which I can fight in ninja duel-type showdowns. I have yet to find a match for my trusty butterfly-style Yomega, and i yearn for a worthwhile opponent. On cool summer nights I can often be found in the forest, hanging upside down from a tree branch doing around the worlds until dawn.

I also did a hefty chunk of graphic design for Tangmonkey, do graphic design for a small shareware company, Built a robot that appeared on TV, and have worked on some films.

Submissions or comments about ink can be emailed to ink@tangmonkey.com.

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