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Hi, my name is JP and I write this column. If you're a fan of the site you've probably seen me around, I hang out here quite a bit, I even named the darned place. If you take a look at the column archive you'll notice that this column started out as a place for weekly interviews of neat people. As the column progressed I found it was a lot of work finding a neat person to inteview each and every week and sometimes people weren't neat at all, sometimes they were lame! Blag will now feature a random snippet of content each week, this is much more conducive to the way my brain operates, totally random and somewhat lazy.

The name of this column is "Blag", it's a word I made-up and it doesn't really mean anything, I didn't especially like the name when I came up with it and I don't especially like it now by it's coded into the site all over the place and if I were to change it I'd just be creating a whole lot of work for myself so it'll stay "Blag" forever I guess.

Here's some interesting information about me in bullet-point format for ultra-fast reading:

  • My name stands for "Jean-Paul", no, I'm not french but my mom is from Montreal and I can speak the language a little bit.
  • I can ride a unicycle and juggle clubs but not at the same time.
  • I'm taking Culinary Management at George Brown College in Toronto, someday I'll open a restaurant, you're all invite
  • Except for you, I never liked you.
  • I grew up in Ottawa and went to Glebe highschool, that's where Tangmonkey started.
  • I'm a university dropout! I went to York University for Business and Society for one year, passed everything but Macro-Economics.
  • I like Ben Folds Five, nobody else does though.
  • I once killed a man with my bare hands.
  • Sometimes I switch the words "man" and "ham sandwich", just for kicks.
  • I can eat and breath fire.
  • I am wicked-bad.

If you want to know more about me you can email me. I always reply.

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