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7.11.2001 by JP

As promised, here is today’s BLAG, right on time. I’m sure you’d like this column to have a fancy “theme” or an actual “point” but I couldn’t really think of anything so I’ll just be ranting on a few choice topics that come to mind as I write this introduction.

First, illness. I’ve got a horrible cold right now and it really isn’t any fun at all, if any of you are interested in taking this particular cold off my hands I would much appreciate it. Gelling sick during the summer, and on my day off no less, really stinks. Some might even say it “sucks” but that’s just overkill, I mean come on, it’s just a cold.

Next, stereos. My stereo in particular. My stereo is broken now and has been getting progressively more broken over the past few months. How something that just sits undisturbed on my desk can just spontaneously stop working is beyond me but I assure you that it is possible. Should anyone take me up on my offer of a cold I would be more than willing to include my stereo in the transaction at not additional cost.

Number three, the film AI. Now I know everyone on the net has already bitched about how much AI sucks (in fact some people are getting online for the first time for the sole purpose of bashing this movie) so I’ll keep my views to myself for the most part. I’m just glad I downloaded this puppy instead of paying for it, I mean puppies are expensive and they really don’t give you much insight into crappy movies like AI but they’re soooo cute!

TV. These days you can’t throw I stick without hitting the ground, damned Newton (badum-ching!). Anyway, I was talking to my friend Josh yesterday and he’s trying to get cable for his new place in Toronto and maybe it’s because I’m an ignorant yuppie-kid but I never realized how much TV costs! For a halfway-decent package you’re looking at close to $50 a month! This is freakin’ ridiculous, I don’t see how cable companies can expect to keep their viewers when satellite service is cheaper! I hate the cable company almost as much as I hate the bus.

Next topic, the bus. I hate the bus more than I hate the cable company and I hate them a lot.

Last topic, tangmeetings. We had a Tangmonkey staff meeting last night (a Tangmeeting if you will) as we’ve been trying to do every week during the summer. These meeting leave much to be desired in that they give me huge headaches and last forever but they do serve a purpose and serve it well. If all goes according to plan by next week we’ll have a whole bunch of fun stuff done/started. I think despite all the headaches we’re getting closer to where we want to be, the serial novel, three new columns and new t-shirts will all be out over the next few weeks thanks to the dedication of a few really cool people. We’re also making big steps towards a redesign which should make the site look shiny and new while making it easier to find all that sweet sweet content you crave like the rabid dogs that you are!

On that note I’ll retire to the conservatory, adieu.

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