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Saturday: Raging Bull
11.12.2003 by Dan Beirne, every Wednesday.

Nathan Lane comes over every Wednesday to the house to watch a movie, or just chat with Dan. Dan found these little chats so interesting, he decided to tape-record them and tell the world all the neat things Nathan had to say about movies and stuff.

Saturday, the second-last day, the sun burnt out long ago.

Raging Bull (1980): A biographical film about the middleweight champ, the physically tough, but emotionally self-destructive Jake LaMotta.

(our voices sound like they're in a tin can)

Nathan: I hate everything!

Me: Yeah, that's what she said.

Nathan: Who?

Me: What?

Nathan: Who said that?

Me: Nobody. Nobody said that. It's just something you say.

Nathan: What? You just say that who said that?

Me: Nobody! What's the matter with you?

Nathan: Have you been talking to someone else? I thought these seven days were supposed to be just us?!

Me: What do you mean? Of course! I haven't been talking to anyone, Nathan.

Nathan: You better not have been. I find out you've been talking to someone else, I'll be out of here so fast.

(sound of a distant siren. not the emergency kind)

Nathan: It's getting messy in here. You ever think about cleaning up?

Me: Why?

Nathan: Let's talk about the movie.

Me: Let's talk about the movie.

Nathan: I can see my two hands in front of me.

Me: Is that a review?

Nathan: It's what I identify with.

(I sigh loudly)

Nathan: Oh, what?

Me: Nothing.

Nathan: No, tell me, Dan, we all want to know.

Me: Why do you gotta be so damned obtuse all the time?

Nathan: Fuck you, obtuse.

Me: Don't you ever want people to like you?

Nathan: More than anything.

Me: Then why shoot yourself in the gut?

Nathan: Like I said, Dan, I can see my two hands. Here they are, right here.

(sound of me smacking Nathan's hands away)

Me: I said cut that shit out! I want this to be good!

Nathan: I'm trying. It's not like I ever get any help from you.

Me: I'm not as smart as you!!

Nathan: That's what it's all about, isn't it? Jake just isn't as smart as everyone else. He's just a dumb guy using what he's got.

Me: I hate you.

Nathan: This is how it happens, Dan. You will sit here slamming your head against these prison walls.

Me: Oh, don't get all dark on us.

Nathan: Do you want to change seats?

(we switch seats)

Nathan: That's better. Isn't that better?

Me: I get it. It's better.

Nathan: Now Dan, tell me about what you will do when I'm gone.

Me: I told you not to bring that up.

Nathan: All right. What will you do the day after next?

Me: I can't think that far ahead. I live in the present.

Nathan: Bull. Everybody plans.

Me: What will you do?

Nathan: If you draw someone with wild, daring eyes, it doesn't actually mean that that person you drew is wild or daring.

Me: And my grandmother having wheels does not actually make her a trolley-car.

Nathan: You're right. You're not as smart as me.

Me: I want to die. And I want to be remembered.

Nathan: The best you can is good enough, Dan.

Me: Stop saying my name.

Nathan: Starts to sound strange after a while, doesn't it?

Me: I just want to forget who I am a lot of the time.

Nathan: Well, get a sandwich, Charlie, 'cause we're going in again.

Me: I can't do it. I'm done.

Nathan: No way. Nu-uh.

(sound of a match striking)

Me: One more?

Nathan: One more. Hey, I haven't slept either. I'm getting those flashes of heat-shudders about every minute now.

Me: What do you think it would sound like if we re-arranged every piece of sound on this tape?

3. Nathan: How could we?

2. Me: After this, we should never talk.

5. Nathan: But you don't want to get better.

4. Me: I'm feeling really sick.

1. Nathan: Somewhat similar to most of the other tapes.

[end transcription]

next week: it'll be Sunday, but we won't be at church.

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