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Lost In Translation
9.26.2003 by Dan Beirne, every Wednesday.

Nathan Lane comes over every Wednesday to the house to watch a movie, or just chat with Dan. Dan found these little chats so interesting, he decided to tape-record them and tell the world all the neat things Nathan had to say about movies and stuff.

Wednesday, September 15th, wet finger cold in the wind.

Lost In Translation (2003): Two Americans meet and spend a wonderful week in Tokyo. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

Nathan and I are in a darkened theatre. People's thoughts are somehow popping up like internet advertisements, so every so often they'll appear on the tape.

Me: Why aren't the lights coming up?

Nathan: Because it's not over yet.

Me: But the credits--

Nathan: I know, Dan.

(I don't want to go back to my life)

Me: So, what'd you think?

Nathan: I don't really feel like talking.

Me: Right. You're intense.

Nathan: Shove your labels.

Me: You're yelling.

(I'm going to dump my boyfriend)

Nathan: I'd say the perfect accomplishment of a mood

Me: What mood?

Nathan: Compromise.

Me: ...

Nathan: What?

Me: Don't say it like you're smarter than me.

Nathan: Everybody takes dumps, Dan.

(How could I think of dumping my boyfriend?)

Me: It was so...

Nathan: Lonely?

Me: Yes!

Nathan: No matter how many friends you have...

Me: Exactly!

Nathan: Walking by a homeless person when you're carrying a sack of groceries. There ain't no one in the world for me.

(What moments, and sighs)

Me: You're speaking, I can hear you talk.

Nathan: Sofia Coppola is like a typist that knows perfectly how to use the shift Key.

Me: But, sister, this is not a safe place to walk.

Nathan: Okay, Malkmus. Let's stick to the script.

Me: Let me know when you win.

(I have to make a change/stay the same)

Nathan: This movie is aimed at the corner.

Me: Of the party.

Nathan: I was going to let them finish it.

Me: Snap. Give me a reason not to punch you.

Nathan: Salsa. Dancing.

(...ho-hum...I'm elated)

Me: Can people see through shallow art?

Nathan: The thinner the pool, Dan.

Me: The easier it is to splash.

Nathan: The more conducive to microscopes.

Me: You're reaching.

Nathan: You're stupid.

(No one gets this but me)

Me: I get tired of breathing sometimes.

(I'm affected by this! Goddamit, I am!)

Nathan: Ever think of editing these things, Dan? Ever think, Dan?

(Are these what my hands actually look like?)

as always, you can e-mail Nathan to talk about movies or just chat about whatever.


Malkmus - who is this guy?

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