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Hurry up and hate me!
8.22.2003 by Adam.

First of all, allow me to apologize for my tardiness. My only excuse is that I’ve been busier than not one bee, but several. My business typically is less than a single bee, however, recently it’s been fluctuating between 1.5 and 3 bees. Rest assured that at no point in the last week has my busy factor gone below 1 and a quarter bees, by the standard measuring process, which I just made up. At it’s peak it reached 4.

It is said that no man should ever attempt to go beyond the labor of 1 bee. Unfortunately, sometimes life thrusts this upon us. Again, I apologize.

Behold. I give you the silliest magazine article I’ve read this week. And keep in mind I read Tangmonkey.

Lists like these are popular articles in magazines. They’re used by writers who are feeling uninspired and still need to entertain the audience. They’re great, entertaining and yet still a quick read. Blender’s approach seems a bit off, however. And by a “bit off”, I mean borderline insanity.

Unfortunately, the link doesn’t contain the whole article, but to summarize, take 10 bands that you know and like and put them in a list of 50. Add 40 you don’t listen to or have never heard of and there you go, that’s Blender’s 50 worst bands of all time. Personal biases aside, I saw bands in their list that were at one point in time wildly popular. And not wildly popular in the crazed pubescent-girls-who-love Backside Boys way.

I saw Kansas in there. And Toad the Wet Sprocket, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Spin Doctors, and several others that don’t fit. Whether or not these bands are good is up to you. But after seeing “American Idols”, you can hardly argue that they’re the worst of all time.

Blender’s approach seems like they’d rather get a rise out of the audience than to actually rate the worst bands ever. After all, rating all those bands would take forever, so instead they decided to make a bunch of people mad. Just to insure their audience cannot remain passive, they make it a point to diversify the genres of music that they feature.

I’m not saying that you should automatically like what everyone else likes. And I don’t know where the state of music is headed in the future (although I have an idea, and it makes me want to shove forks in my ears). But if you’re going to write a music review, your first goal should be to review the music, not irritate your audience.

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