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9.5.2002 by Forrest, every Wednesday.

Yeah, it's late again... I know...

Christopher Hitchens - Letters to a Young Contrarian

Dig it - an instructional book for shit-disturbers. Christopher Hitchens, journalist famous for calling Mother Teresa "the Ghoul of Calcutta" (with good reason), explains how to get your point across when you know you're right, while making asses out of your opponents and keeping the high ground. Along the way, he mixes in amusing anecdotes, as well as jabs at some of his various adversaries. And it's of course all written in delicious Christopher-Hitchens style. It's the perfect book for anyone who thinks (or, like me, knows) that they're smarter than everyone else.
David Anderson

Ooh, this guy's in trouble - or at least he should be. So at the big Summit in Johannesburg, a CBC guy was a pest, asking loaded questions as such. Whatever - that's how journalists are (at least North American ones), it's their job to play dumb and be pains in the ass. So his thinly-veiled budget-related threats to Crown-owned CBC were a BIG no-no. What will be interesting is to see if he pays any sort of price for it, and if so, from whom.
The Senate of Canada

People always diss the Senate, and they have some reason to, but often we forget that the senators who don't live year-round in Mexico actually have an important role. They're the only part of our legislative apparatus that is free from silly politicalness (well, unless you count the GG and the Queen. But you don't). This freedom gives the Senate an ability to view things rationally and to come up with pragmatic solutions. And so it's no surprise that their report on illegal drugs, released this week, advocates decriminalisation of soft drugs. Hopefully someone will listen.
Danko Jones

Cancon giveth, and Cancon taketh away... The latest bit of Canadiana that the powers at Universal Music have decided to shove down our throats is Danko Jones. Their first big single, The Sound of Love is on heavy rotation all over the country and if you haven't heard it, I envy you. To give you an idea, it sounds kind of like a redneck garage band with no rhyme or rhythm trying very hard to imitate AC/DC. And failing. It's quite sad actually, because they have some promising hooks in there, but they just don't manage to put them together right. Listen for yourself.

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