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8.18.2002 by Neale, every Friday.

In recent months, a large portion of my spare time has been occupied by a certain robot. Not a real robot, as I have often worked on in the past, but a robot which exists only in virtual space. Those who have talked to me in person in the last little while will no doubt have heard me muttering something about it. It is, to be most precise, an entire world, inhabited by numerous robots, brought together in the form of a videogame. In collaboration with occasional Tangmonkey denizens Maco (a.k.a. Mike) and Rumplestiltskin (a.k.a. Martin); and trusty nickname-less partner Jason, this suicidally ambitious project should be done in a year or two. The still un-named game is being planned for both Mac and PC. Here is a small preview of what we've done so far.

Anyone who wishes to contribute this still un-named videogame is welcome to email me at Neale@tangmonkey.com. We're always looking for 3D and texture artists, and will pay you with gratitude and satisfaction.

The hero of the game, tentatively named RC

While you will hav-e to wait several months, if not years, to play the actual game, we have some screen shots that accurately represent what the characters and backgrounds will look like. Our small team is putting countless hours into creating a world that is interesting, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing.

A random citizen robot in mid-step

The game will be a Role-Playing Game, a long involved quest with dozens of complex and interesting characters, all robots. It will also be full of adventure, intrigue and good old fashioned robots shooting the fuck out of each other with plasma cannons.

As this complex and interesting project evolves, I'm bound to share more information about it. Sometime soon I'll do a post describing both our methods and some of the philosphical questions which arise from creating a world inhabited entirely by machines. This is but a small sample of the project. It is much, much larger, and will continue to grow every day.

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