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7.21.2002 Edited by Ben, every Sunday.

Bjorn and Jesus were being dragged along a corridor in the burlap sacks that they had been put in, they noticed that the light that once could be seen through the tiny holes of the sack was completely gone. As they were dragged down the dark passage they could not help wondering what Gilgamesh meant by “the tournament begins”.

This was quite a terrifying thing to have happen to them. Bjorn though for sure he was going to have an accident like what used to happen to him as a young boy at scary movies. He had to put that all behind him now though.

Just as all of Bjorn’s concentration was on not peeing himself, his burlap sack was cut open. Bjorn saw Jesus standing beside him. She turned and said shakily ”I think we are in trouble”.

“Why?” Bjorn replied. He stood up and looked around the dark, torch-lit room only to see a host of mythical beasts waiting around the edges of the room, looking ready to kill. Gilgamesh was standing of the middle of the room surveying his pets. “Jesus Fucking Christ” cried Bjorn “We are in a lot of trouble”.

“That’s what I said”

Gilgamesh tuned to them and with a booming voice said “This is how the tournament will work: Bjorn and Jesus you will both fight one of my pets here until you kill it and then you will fight two of my pets, then three, then four and so on until you both perish.” A deep, roaring cackle then erupted from Gilgamesh. “Oh, and your silly time travel pills will be no escape this time because McNohart made this room outside of time. This means nothing can come and go using time travel. You will have to make it outside to travel through time. Now what would you like to fight first?”

Bjorn looked around the room and saw Minotaurs, Unicorns, Griffins, a Dragon, several evil-looking Pegases and in the corner, a pixie. He alerted Jesus and told Gilgamesh, “We will fight her”.

Bjorn and Jesus stepped forward and the pixy came to the middle of the large room. Bjorn and Jesus were given weapons and then Gilgamesh said, “Begin.”

The Pixie flew up in the air and then took a swoop at the two combatants. They tried to hit it with their weapons but they were not used to them so the pixie was able to strike Bjorn. It knocked the wind out of him. However, that was the extent of the damage, after all, it is only a pixy. On the next pass, Bjorn was still recovering form the first. Jesus acted quickly. She hit the beast with a brutal blow. She had cut right through it with her sword. It fell on the ground and inside they saw electronics and gears. “Holy crap!” said Bjorn “They are mechanical.”

There was no time to think about it though. There were already two more beasts upon them. This time they were a Minotaur and a Griffin (Slightly more menacing then the pixy). The two combatants were stepping away from the beasts trying to figure out what to do. Then Bjorn tripped onto his back and he fell on a lump.

“What is that?”

He reached back and found his aspirin bottle. Oh, the pills I found at work before this journey began. I may as well take one and see what it does. Bjorn thought to himself.

He opened the bottle and looked at the pills. Blue, yellow and purple. Which one should I take? The Minotaur was fast approaching and Jesus was trying to keep the Griffin at bay so Bjorn closed his eyes and took one. When he looked down he had to but the blue and purple one back in the bottle and the bottle back in his pocket. The Minotaur was upon him and he just rolled to get away from its axe. Bjorn got up and ran. The pill had done nothing yet. He turned and the Minotaur was lumbering towards him. Bjorn turned to face the beast as it approached as the beast started to make a sound like it was being electrocuted then it fell to the ground. Bjorn was astounded.

He ran over to Jesus and the Griffin she was fighting fell to the ground. Bjorn was like an electric eel giving off an electromagnetic pulse.

Suddenly everything in the room that was electronic started to drop to the ground, including Gilgamesh.

“We are safe,” cried Jesus “But how?” she asked, looking at Bjorn with a confused look on her face.

“Well I had this pill, I took it and it seemed to make me like an electric eel. The robots could not withstand the electric pulses that I was giving off so they all got destroyed. I guess I was more powerful than an electric eel”.

The ground started shaking and the Ziggurat started to collapse. They both ran as fast as they could out into the corridor. It took them about 30 seconds of hard running to get out of the Ziggurat but they made it just in time as it fell to the ground in a big pile of rubble. The quake lasted a few more minutes and just as suddenly as it started, it finished.

Bjorn and Jesus looked at each other and said, “Where should we go now?”

By Mackenzie Larwill

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