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7.13.2002 by Forrest, every Wednesday.

A note to whoever posted the comment about Québec alcohol regulations. I challenge you to find Alberta beer, Ontario or BC wine anywhere in Québec. Anyhow, on with the weekly rant:

The British (again)

I know that the British got a thumbs up a couple of weeks ago, but what can I say, they’ve done it again – Finally, if not decriminalizing pot, then at least softening the stance on it by putting it in the same drug category as bulk-up steroids. Hopefully, this is the start of a trend among major countries (note: The Netherlands are not a major country). Decriminalising drugs worldwide will eventually save millions of dollars, reduce drug-related crime and stop people being hassled by the Man. I definitely know where I’m headed as soon as my EU citizenship arrives in 2004. No, not Hooters. After that.

The UN Security Council

Last week I implied that the UN Security Council had no nuts. This week they made it official, giving US peacekeepers immunity from war-crimes prosecution for the next year, after the US threat of vetoing missions. It’s not that I’m worried that US troops will commit war crimes (like Canadians did in Somalia) and not get prosecuted or anything; it’s a matter of principle. A justice system like this can only have authority if no one is immune. And, on principle, one should never give in to unreasonable demands for reasons of money and convenience, which is essentially what happened here. Bah humbug.


I spent a weekend in Paris once; The people were rude and unfriendly, the place smelled strange, and to top it all off I lost my hat. Fortunately, whatever the Parisians may lack in terms of humanity, they try to make up for with taste. This summer for one month, the City of Paris is implementing one of the wackiest ideas I’ve seen since ALF went off the air - turning the banks of the Seine into a beachfest/pedestrian mall/park thing, complete with street performers, parasols, patios, newly created beaches, and, yes, even palm trees. Now how cool is that!?

The unbearable necessity of decision-making

This week I’ve been faced with the gut-wrenching decision of having to finalize my undergraduate plans. I am of course faced with the classic dilemmas – choosing between what I like and what I’m good at, trying to find something that will be satisfying if I choose to do research, not burning bridges, etc. Meanwhile the clock is ticking, the applications for programs are pending, and the horror at the idea of making a mistake and wasting two years of my life is very, very real. Not only that, recently the news has made a big deal out of disturbing statistics on arts graduates. Ugh – now where’s that bottle of 80% vodka that I brought back from Estonia…

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