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Issue 2
6.14.2002 by Neale, every Friday.

Hello everyone, welcome to the second edition of Ink, a weekly art gallery based on user submissions. This week's episode is even better than the first, and next week's should prove to be even better. Expect to see more multimedia and music in the coming issues, along with the great traditional stuff.

Send your submissions to ink@tangmonkey.com now!

Fat Fairy by Emily Cook
More of Emily's work can be viewed at www.citrusartcollective.com.

By Martin Gauthier

By Neale McDavitt-Van Fleet.

By Steph Avery
More of Steph's work can be viewed at www.citrusartcollective.com.

By Nathan McDavitt-Van Fleet
See more of Nathan's art at www.pbllt.com/nathan.

Hero by Ryan Stiner
More of Ryan's work is available at http://rthomasstiner.tripod.com.

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