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4.3.2002 by JP

Last year I went to York University wayyy up north here in TO so I’ve got some friends there. At York they have this thing called “pub night”, maybe you’ve heard of it, basically you get trashed with your bestest friends and go make an ass of yourself at the bar, this happens every Thursday. Last term I was able to make my way up there pretty often but this term I’ve got an early class on Friday so I haven’t been up in a long while. This week (thank Jesus) was Easter so I had Friday off, Emily and I made our way up to York and had a blast, below are some photos of that. The next day I went to meet up with Sean (of tangmonkey fame no less!) because he was in town for Passover and couldn’t pass over the chance to see me (badum ching!). No photos of that unfortunately, I forgot, I’m so sorry. (my brothers says I appologize at the end of all my columns so I thought I'd get it over with early this time)

This is Steph, we pre-drank in her room (I was drinking ‘Fin du Monde’ 9% beer, evil, evil stuff). She’s a friend I met last year at York and it just so happens she went to the same high school as Emily so we met through her. She looks nice enough but she’ll kick the crap out of you (if you happen to be a wussy cooking student, not that I’d know). Also she drew the images for the serial novel and wrote a chapter. She eats bacon and claims to be only Jew-ish.

Here’s kinda a strange shot of Emily, I know she loves seeing herself plastered all over the web so I thought I’d do it again! I say it’s strange not because she’s standing next to what you can only assume is her boyfriend’s name lovingly sprayed on a wall but because she usually does it in blood. MY BLOOD! (actually it was already there, Japanese nationalists perhaps?)

Here’s Kelly! She’s one cool chick, getting’ her groove on, on the dancefloor, all alone…

Here’s a creepy shot of my buddy Thys, damn that shit’s scary…

…but not as scary as this!!! Yes folks, I bought fat-free mayo, and yes, it’s gross, so gross I threw it out after tasting a teensy little bit on the tip of my finger, it tastes like chalk mixed with mashed potatoes.

Back to pubnight, here’s Kelly and some drunk. (also this is the source-image for my new column logo)

Here’s Josh, not the Josh I’ve mentioned before but another one. He’s pretty friggin’ cool, so cool in fact that he called me up Monday night and asked if I wanted to check out the Anti-Flag show at the Phoenix for free that very night, clearly this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Actually on pubnight he told me he read my column and really liked it so all the more reason to glorify him. Josh saved 4 drowning babies and a puppy at the concert.

Here’s a shot from the Anti-Flag show, I’d never heard of them before but they’re pretty damn cool as is the Phoenix where we saw them (and where I saw Ben Folds a while ago). Nothing much to tell about this show because I was really tired and out of it but it was good to chill with Josh and have my eardrums destroyed at the same time. Anti-Flag seemed really concerned about the welfare of the audience and kept telling people to play-safe and threw water bottles out into the crowd. More bands should be like this. (oh and they also had some neat political views but I’d rather not get into that stuff here because I don’t understand politics).

At school today we were doing this stupid thing where we served a buffet right in the kitchen, how novel! Here’s the view from behind the heatlamps. Grrr… The kitchen is for cooks, not “normal” folk!

Of course there are some real Bozos at George Brown so what do you expect?

Here’s what I was serving, delicious Salmon (actually “Baked Salmon with Soy-Honey Glaze on a bed of Root Vegetables”, but who has time to type all that? …oh right…)

This guy (who’s name I can’t remember), Ho-Jung (that’s her elbow) and I were in charge of passing the Shrimp Bisque through cheesecloth, this job sucks, it makes you want to kill yourself. Lookit that smile, that’s death’s sweet glow.

They make sculptures out of fat at George Brown, they’re called students.

Taking photos is easier than doing dishes! (I also stole 4 duck breasts so I'm not a *total* slacker)

That’s all for this week (I say that about here every week don’t I?). Next week, quite possibly more of the same.

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