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Photo Album #3
3.20.2002 by JP

Here's this week's pictures, there are couple of mysteries down near the bottom, maybe I'll give a prize for whoever answers them correctly, maybe I won't. We'll see. Probably not, so don't get your hopes up.

Here’s a shot I took at the Death and Dismemberment Tour last night, it was a concert with a shitty opener (DJ Sex) and then two great bands, Deathcab for Cutie and Dismemberment Plan. Dismemberment Plan was the highlight of the night, OH MY GOD! It was an amazing show! Two things make a great show for me, great witty banter and the ability to rock out in a big way and this band had both. Sure their music can be a bit repetitive sometimes (they tend to follow the “quiet bit, rockin’ bit, repeat” formula for a bunch of their songs but the lead singer was just having so much fun up there on stage, crackin’ jokes between songs, asking people up on stage… Great, great show, I would see them again in a minute only next time I’d bring a gas mask and earplugs, I’m deaf now and the girl next to me musta smoked about 1000 cigarettes over the course of the show.

At one point these two guys started slam-dancing right in front of the stage, knocking people over and stuff. So the lead singer (who’s name I don’t know) asked them both up on stage where they continued to form that mosh-pit of two. At one point they were kinda humping on the floor, dunno what that was all about. Man, I’ve gotta remember to use the flash, these pictures are crap.

During the last song a giant iguana appeared on stage and the opening acts ripped it open and started flinging the (no doubt highly toxic) foam into the audience. The lead then put it on his head and finished the last song that way. Sweet. Talk about foreshadowing.

On Friday night Emily and I went shopping and picked up some potato smiles (I’m such a sucker for advertising). God, we had way too much fun with these. Can you spot the evil one?

There’s always one form of shooting going on in my area, fortunately this one wasn’t of the violent variety. I wonder if the city gets any money for these things, they should at least have to pay for the cops.

Unless you count the pirates!

And the victims… We must never forget the victims...

If anyone can tell me what production Teddy, Fiona and DOP work for it’d be kinda neat, I was too shy to ask what they were actually working on, my guess would be “Queer as Folk”, I live in a fairly gay area and they film that fairly often around here but I’ve never seen the show so I’m not sure what the actors look like.

Another question, what the heck is this? I don’t remember taking this picture at all but here it is, looks like a guy running by a baseball diamond or something. Let me know what your interpretation is, better still if you can name the location.

Last but not least, a perversion of nature, a single seagull hanging out with a bunch of pigeons, is this normal? That bundle in the background is a homeless man, this unfortunately, is normal in Toronto.

That’s it for this week, sorry there weren’t more pictures but I’ve been living a fairly busy, unexciting life lately. Until next week!

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