scat porn
November 13, 2001

RANT #95: Misc.
Phillip Drum
Summary: Please for the love of God make fun of scat porn.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

I would like to ask the people at to please start making fun of scat porn, most likely the weirdest shit I have ever heard of.  I cannot believe these people who practice it are still alive, please someone kill them all.  Those weird fucking germans, how the hell do they live with each other shitting on one anothers head's like that.  WEIRD!!!!!!!!

I think you could make some hilarious article about this shit.

Oh, also, I am giving my fucking e-mail address and if any mother fucker signs me up for anything, I will track you down and shove some explosive device in your rectum and blow you the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111


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