September 19, 2001

RANT #91: Consumer
The Dude
Summary: It makes you cough and stink and die.  Try it!
Full Text:

Smoking (actually all tobacco products) are utterly disgusting, especially in this day and age.  With all that we now know about health and potential effects (no thanks to that wonderfully useless surgeon general's warning), by all logic smoking and its ilk should be removed from our daily lives.  Yet that pervasive stench remains, for two inane reasons.  The first of course is money.  God forbid that the huge market for this garbage be shut down.  Yes, this is capitalism, but it's also people's lives.  And since Bush failed to give the tobacco lawsuit the support that it needed, these companies will continue to take money from saps and thus increase their already bloated status.  Gee, and I haven't even gotten to the sweet, sweet addiction yet.  I personally don't believe that any chronic smoker actually enjoys smoking rather than simply depending on it for relief (the fellas from Half Baked are another matter entirely), not their first time, not ever.  Seriously, I haven't had to deal with addiction of that sort, and I understand that it's difficult, but I have no sympathy for anyone who made the dumb decision and put himself or herself in that position in the first place.  So get off your duff and quit already.

Fine, don't quit, I don't want you to.


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