Why i am in awe
September 2, 2001

RANT #90: Tangmonkey Sucks
I've heard of you
Summary: An ode to the joys of reading Being Nat. But did you really bother to answer so many?
Full Text:

There I was ambling through another day of slightly hungover, malaise when I came upon that funky monkey that is tangmonkey. My eyes fell upon a certain entertaining looking piece and as I began to digest the skilfully crafted plot, enamoured by both the stupidity of those, who we shall call the Fools, and of course the shear jammyness of Mr. Iwriteanddostuffonthissitedoesthenamematter?noidontthinkitdoes (sic). If things like that were to happen more often the world would be a better place, even for the bloody Australian Prime Minister (sorry). Being Nat is a tour de force and it made me happy, and everything should do that. Or should it

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