Boarders Suck!
August 15, 2001

RANT #87: Sports & Activities
Summary: Some boarders are real assholes........
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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I recently had a large argument with a friend and one which i've had more than 23 times in the past week. I myself being a skier(and a good one at that :) ) i recently found that i have a small grudge against the others i share the mountain with during winter.

In fact I recently recall that 2 winters ago i came across a mindless boarder who crashed into me while i was "racing" with a fellow skier. It was clear that the track was not meant for no one who wasn't experienced at what they did. Unfortunately a boarder cut me off midway and I nearly killed myself. I lost both skis and i nearly broke the bindings on my skis. Whats worse is that the boarder could not even carve. Ooooo how i hate the stupid headed unexperienced. Of course the same thing could of happened with a skier.

Also on a regular basis when in line for the chair lift i usually get wise crack comments seeing that im a skier . I usually get involved in a situation where a boarder doesn't move fast enough to get on the lift or is too stoned to move, so i give the friendly tap at the back of the board with my skis. Apparently i usually get the aggressive rsponse and a threat to be checked on my way down the hill. Yet what these dumbass fuckers don't seem to realize is that I have more maneuverability and speed in the snow than they will ever have, not to mention 2 titanium steel poles.

I know this is not the case with most boarders, in fact i have a few friends who are boarders, I have even tried the sport and enjoy it (but not as much as skiing). Its just that some of the crowds that the snowboarding sport draws which piss me off. And the only reason i am mentioning this is because i have yet to come across a skier with the same incidents.

Plus nowadays everyone wants try boarding because its one of those pop-culture-teeny-bop trends.

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