July 18, 2001

RANT #84: Arts & Entertainment
Penny Lane
Summary: Everyone thinks this movie is bad, but it isn't!
Full Text:

Why did the critics and everyone else think A.I. was a terrible movie? Granted, it should have ended when the robot kid was frozen in the next ice age, but other than that it was a touching and frightening film. It was beautifully filmed, and each shot was carefully composed, making it meaningful. Haley Joel Osmet did an excellent job as the robot kid. Very convincing.

My mark of a good movie is if the audience identifies with the characters in some way. Haven't we all felt unloved by our parents, ignored and useless? Don't we all believe we are unique, one of a kind, and wouldn't we try to kill any robot kids who looked and acted like us? So lay off the criticism of A.I. Stephen Spielberg doesn't make crappy films, and he didn't start with this one.

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