Come on, ranters
April 29, 2001

RANT #75: Misc.
Summary: Come on, all you ranters out there!  You can do better than that!
Full Text:

Come on, folks!  With all that sucks in the world today, you can do a little better than woeful tales of high-school angst dripping with puerile self-pity.  Wake up!  There are all sorts of fun things worth ranting about: child poverty, political oppression, war crimes and holes in the ozone layer.  If I wanted to hear about how you're having a really bad day, I'd join the school choir and listen to a bunch of sickeningly mutually-supportive fifteen year old girls tearfully gossip about their latest relationship problems and hug each other and sing songs about butterflies and lemon trees.  I came here for some dirt on the state of the world, and I am completely disappointed in you all!

I mean, I don't need to know the sorry state of the Super Conductor's lack of a sex life.  Wake up.  95% of high school students don't have a sex life, and that's probably not a bad thing considering that 95% of high school students are not worth going out with anyway.  There's a heck of a lot more to life than feeling sorry for yourself because you don't have a date.  There'll be plenty of time for that when we're all 25 and still don't have dates.  So let's get into some serious whining and complaining about issues that we can all relate to on more than a self-pity basis.

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