Wierd Guys
April 18, 2001

RANT #72: Misc.
Penny Lane
Summary: Who are all these wierdos who won't leave us alone?
Full Text:

Something must be wrong with me and my group of friends. All the cool ones are girls. And all the wierd ones are guys.

There are several strange fellows who hang around us all the time, and I don't like any of them! There's one who hits on everybody in turn, and he shakes his head like my ex boyfriend. There's one who won't stop poking us even though we've repeatedly asked him to never touch us again. There's one who's a pompous asshole who can't seem to stop talking about himself. There's one with a girlfriend twice his size whose lap he sits on.

Where do these people come from? Why won't they leave? Are we wierd too, or do they just not take the hint?

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