Tangmonkey is Bad
November 27, 2000

RANT #7: Tangmonkey Sucks
Summary: James Schend's take on why tangmonkey sucks.
Full Text:

No, really, it sucks. Here are a few reasons:

*No external links. Tangmonkey.com is a dead-end in the internet. It goes against the fundamental reasoning of the HTML file format. It's as if they are declaring that there is nothing worthwhile on the entire rest of the internet. Or something.
*No updates. What is the point of a website that is never updated? Hell, I bet Shayanna's den is updated ten times more frequently than Tangmonkey, easy. (For the new viewers: Shayanna's den is pretty close to the worst website on the internet.)
*Submitted items are ignored. Specifically: The rant I submitted months and months ago is still not on the site. There is a long out-of-date notice reading that it will be there soon but that doesn't quite make me feel any better.
*Not very funny. I linked to them thinking that things at that domain would improve, but it appears I was wrong. The problem is, you can't improve your site if you never update it. So it all ties together.

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