Atheism vs Religion
March 24, 2001

RANT #68: Misc.
Summary: Here's controversy.... An analysis of the differences and conflicts between atheism and religion .(I apologize to any one who may be offended by this)
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   This is a warning to people with any religion whatsoever, if you really want to you can go ahead, but i warned u.

   Alright,just for the "not so sharpest tools in the shed" Atheists are people with no beliefs in god. I am an atheist im happy that i am too.
   To start off, i know religious ppl are gonna be offended with this article so ill just say this now. There is most likely no way in your lives you'll see life from my point of view because all of yur lives u have been raised by the way your religion has told u too, so if u do end up seeing life the way i do (but not probably) you might fall into a depression of some sort.
    Now that ive got all that out of the way lets just take a look at religion and how it affects this world positively and negatively. Positively i admit religion has kept alot of people in line. Since there are so many restrains that religion holds against man ,such as the 7 sins and other concepts as such, it gives moral to the civilised structure of our society. Unfortunately it restricts man to believe what he is told to believe, without taking to the time to go out discover new concepts, ideas and facts which would of otherwise been explained by religion in the words "because of  god ". I'm already strayin to the negative side of religion so i might as well continue.
    Religion has been responsible for wars around the world. It has caused much pain and suffering  dating a long time ago, and it was because of those wars (caused by difference and conflict between religions). Its most likely because of these grudges that some regions in our world arent as "friendly" as others.
    Now i know some may be sayin if there is no god then who created the world, who did this... blah blah blah and so forth. It may be true i can't explain light or anything else which can be answered with "god did it", but if u think about it over thousands of years questions which were once answered by "god did it" were answered differently by facts. In consequence the effect that religion has on our society starts lose its value. If you look at man's progress on this planet, as we developped as a civilisation becoming more intelligent, religion began having less influence on how we live our lives.[ex In medieval and ancient greece , heretics were usually killed on the spot, look at Socrates. Now you just get insulted or shunned for your non- beliefs.]
    Now Atheism, atheists aren't held back by false gods >ahem< i mean..... yea, false gods. We dont worry about the more extreme demands that religion asks for , but follow our own morals based on common sense. If you take a look at everything the "bible" says , almost anything you take out of cocept can prove anything you do wrong. I mean incest is not allowed , but if so how did the human race develop from the story of adam and eve (im not supporting incest but im just stating the flaws in the bible).
   Did you know that mostly 60% of the worlds most famous scientists in the last few centuries were atheist , and the majority of all the scientists who made the greatest discoveries and creations lie in that 60%.
   Alot of religious people can't even imagine how atheists can live without a god, That just shows how narrow minded they are. I respect other religions but whenever i am asked whether im catholic, christian, etc. and i reply atheist the other person instantly argues y i don't believe in god. Well it seems fine for people to express themselves religiously, but whenever atheism is expressed well ..... the #$@$ hits the fan.

well thats about it, theres plenty more i can say but ive already been typin for 30 min.
thats my say

-Seb (an atheist)

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