Mac is a drunken fool, and I'm sorry
March 15, 2001

RANT #67: Apologies
Summary: Sunshine speaks of her experience at Mac's house.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Since you have no "I'm sorry" rants really, I would like to make one.

I'm sorry I got Mac drunk. It was not my fault, though I did encourage him. Many flamming szambukas,cups of vodka and incoherent laughs at other drunks later, Mac thinks we should go play frisbee. Due to my lack of practice since summer, and lousy instruction on behalf of some friends, I lost the game. I'm sorry I suck too much for you mac. I'm really very sorry.

I'm also sorry I let you hump the fridge and the table and make out with the mat in the hallway. I'm sorry.  I also shouldn't have let you have sex with your fucking brother. Man that was distasteful. I hope for both your sakes neither of you remember. I'm sorry.

Please remember next time to be the RESPONSABLE brother- and refrain from drinking with 16 year olds. I'm sorry for letting you do that. But alas, as we all know, Mac is a drunken fool that can't be helped and I'm sorry.

The final thing I'd like to say is that I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge in the area of filmography. You seemed to think I knew. Now you seem to think I'm sorry. I've decided I'm not.

You're just a druken fool, Mac.

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