The Benifits of Stockwell Day
March 13, 2001

RANT #66: Society & Politics
Summary: Sure he's homophobic, ultra-religious and believes that the world was created 5,000 years ago, but man has he made politics funny again!
Full Text:

Several months ago, the Canadian political spectrum was graced with the presence of a new and quite controversial figure...Stockwell Day.

Right away, Stock made an impact.  With his christian fundamentalism and creationism, he has created more of a fierce opposition than any politician in my lifetime.

As a lefty to the core, I don't agree with anything that has ever left the mouth of Stockwell Day (other than the mention of parliamentary reform, which is fairly broad), but, after months of making fun of him at every turn (which continues, let me assure you) I have come to appreciate the guy for what he is... an idiot.

Through the past months, Stockwell Day has managed to make me much more comfortable with having such a right-wing politician on the brink of power.  Now, I've become fairly certain that he will never get elected.

Sure, most politicians are not the best and brightest that the country has to offer, but, for the most part, politicians at a national level are not bumbling fools.

That is, at least until Stock.  Whether it be riding a seadoo to a press conference (what do you think was actually going through his head?), taking the Niagara River south (like the brain drain), or his most recent comedic endeavor, ignoring the whole idea of fair representation by ridiculing the lawyer of a petaphile in a newspaper, Stock is always there to provide a laugh.

So, unlike my usual response to the mention of his name, I would like to praise Stockwell Day, and here's to the hope that, when he is booted out of politics in the near future for something even dumber than what he's done already, he will stay in the public eye.

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