I'm sorry Tangmonkey sucks
February 27, 2001

RANT #60: Apologies
Summary: I'm sorry that I didn't post any rants yet because the two rants I *had* emailed to a Tangmonkey representative went ignored for months and months.
Full Text:

I apologize for not supporting your crappy site because your crappy site did not want my support.  More specifically, I'm sorry that various representatives of your crappy site basically 'lost' two rants that I had emailed them... I assume because they were "Tangmonkey Sucks" rants.  I'm sorry that the Tangmonkey Group lost my trust because of this.

I'm sorry that this site refused to link externally for so long... was, in essence, a dead-end on the web.  I'm sorry that the forums require case-sensitive usernames.  I'm sorry that the email system requires you to log in twice-- and that, when I asked about this, I was lied to about it.

No, really.  You guys have a really good thing going here... but part of creating a website is running it responsibly.  Given, things are better today than they were in the past, but some of those mistakes are a challenge to look past.

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