I hate the way the Pope smiles!
February 22, 2001

RANT #56: Society & Politics
annonymous...God will strike me down for making fun of the Pope Man.
Summary: You know he is just trying to fit in with Teenagers today! Why doesn't someone tell him he just isn't cool.
Full Text:

Well, I am sure we all know the Pope smiles like The Fonz. Next thing you know, he'll be doing Got Milk ads and Nike shox commercials...He is not focusing on the Catholic religion anymore, he is focusing on his own personal image with Generation Y. Aint gonna happen Paul! You're OLD! You aren't cool!

But man, do i want to kiss that face of his. That spud head is so darling.

Actually, it would be pretty sweet to be called the kid who gave the Pope a shiner...so instead of kissing his face I think i would rather deck him on his ass.

wait...that could classify as attempt of murder...maybe even murder. He's so frail...gosh darn i love him.

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