yous tangmonkey... me feels idiot of stoopids
February 22, 2001

RANT #55: Tangmonkey Sucks
mans of science
Summary: me hates artsy mans of tangmonkey. artsy mans speaks of biggesty words science mans understanded no.
Full Text:

me hate tangmonkey. yous artsy speaks biggesty words understand me no.  wen me sees you of artsy mans, me stoopid feels. why stoopid me? me mans of scool.  me mans of siens? no, sorry. science. me learned word today. me word is gobernaculum. me word is cord of connective tissue responsible for maintaining testis position in scrotal sac.  see. why me words is so stoopid? me words understanded yes artsy words of biggy no understanded me.  why me filosfy? class sit and artsy biggy words mans speak me hear no understanded and no listen.  me scratched head and hurted head. me says ow. me is stoopid. why is hears me the axis bearing scales, microsporophylls, with microsporangia, within the latter, microspore cells are formed through meiosis developing into haploid microgametophytes, male gametophytes, within the original walls of sporangium. why is me talks of stoopids no understanded artsy mans? me talks to friend me like is "no speaks biggesty artsy talks understanded me no science me stoopid talks dummy yes".  me says "talks yous of dummy stoopids speaks me yes understanded".
why mans speaks of science mans is mans of smarty.  science mans is mans of works hards. science mans in goods mans of scool mans and is smarty mans understanded hards of works.  me says science mans is idiot of stoopids! science mans hards works and is super dummy idiots of stoopid! why science mans understand yes professor and artsy mans biggys words of talk and science mans scratchy head like dummy idiot of understanded no stoopids.
no speak me like 'i like you'... says yous of 'like VSEPR theory, my feelings are pi/sigma bonded with you, as the planar triangular conformation of the s and two p orbitals combine forming three sp3 hybrid orbitals'.
me no likes me stoopids science dummy. science mans reads hards work and no is fun. scinces mans smell too. smells of grosss. artsy biggy worded mans fun haves yes and smells grosss no. science mans is mans of dummys idiot no sees life is fun no reads books of dummy hards. me hates stoopids of me.
me hates yous tankmonkey of.  you of artsy biggys word me makes stoopid feels understanded yous no.  me is mad. me is sad too. why me no hear yous understandeds listen me dummy. me... ... me... sniff*... me hates... umm... me... ...sniff*... me is go reads me Absolute Convergence and Ratio snd Root Tests and Lagrange Multiplier Optimizations... sniff*... ... ...

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