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January 27, 2001

RANT #49: Misc.
2 AIRDUCT writers
Summary: Why not... from the writing staff of AIRDUCT
Full Text:

Dear friends and enemies alike and people who don't give a damn but  don't have anything better to do than read random rants by people affiliated with two very confused, and confusing, zines, although I hate the term zineeee....
It has recently come to our attention that a rant has been submitted on behalf of the AIRCRU (sometimes called AIRHEADS [coincidence? I think not!]) We think that it was a tad on the cruel side, and was slightly uncalled for. WE are submitting our own rant about the editorial staff of AIRDUCT.
FIRST OF ALL, We think they smell
SECOND, we made that up!
THIRD Bring back dancing man and duck... from the covers of the first and second issue (ASAP)
FOURTH where is my burrito
Fifth GIVE DUCKIE BACK ITS BRAIN! You damn commie bastards...

ummm.... I think that is it....
sorry for wasting your valuable time
we will come back when there is stuff to say


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