In Defense of PULP
January 19, 2001

RANT #48: Misc.
The Marquis de Guillermo
Summary: Although I have never read Airduct, I feel in a position to make vast, judgmental statements about it.
Full Text:

1] SPIN is a good magazine.
2] SPIN is published online.
3] PULP is published online.
THUS: Pulp is a good magazine.

1] The OFFICIAL Backstreet Boys Photo Mag is a god-awful magazine.
2] The OFFICIAL Backstreet Boys Photo Mag is not published online.
3] AIRDUCT is not published online.
THUS: AIRDUCT is a god-awful magazine.

I have never read this "Airduct", as I am not a high school student at a small high school somewhere in cold, cold Canada.

I am, however, studying the discipline of Philosophy at a prestigious Ivy League school. Through these studies, I have learned the science of logic, and also how to devote my rational mind to things intellectual. The syllogisms stated above, which I have developed in tandem with ESPN Sports, show irrefutably the high quality of the "PULP" magazine, and the low quality of this "AIRDUCT" rag.

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Fung-Chavez, Eric. _The Magazine Industry: What's Good and What's Not_. San Francisco: Hip Books. 2001.

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