shakin' that Ash
January 18, 2001

RANT #46: Misc.
Summary: Peer pressure and pokemon.
Full Text:

Hmm, I see Ash is a tad peeved about my bashing of his bashing.  At first I wasnt going to respond because the poor man insults himself too much and Im highly susceptible to guilt.  Then someone egged me on, and we all know about girls and peer pressure.
In response I would like to offer the following, which was originally a nifty chart, but computers hate me more than I hate them.


Ash of Po
-short, dark hair, crazy eyes
-huge ego
-plays deviant games involving small animals
-warps the minds of children and slow-witted teens
-gives his pets goofy names, like pikachu and charmander

Ash of Pu

-short hair, dark eyes, crazy
-eats eggos
-downloads internet footage of deviant games involving small animals
-warps the minds of children, teens, sub-adults, adults, respected elders and virtually anyone who has access to the net's mutant thrill ride
(and don't ask me how a thrill ride can mutate, i'm taking more biology than you, stupid)
-gives his pets goofy names, like PULP

Now that we've settled the issue I'm expecting no more defiling of If you have a problem we can settle this by mortal combat, as I and my still-unnamed gang also live in Montreal. Hah.

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