I'm Baaaaaaacccc(cough) (hack)
January 6, 2001

RANT #41: Misc.
Disgruntled Old Man
Summary: Conan O'brian molested me again
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

That right, you thought I had died, but I didn't.
I never die, I'm too old. I just get older. O.k. on to more pressing matters, I was up late last night and around 4 pm some young holigans through a giant egg at my house, It must have been the size of a freakin' house, oddly there was no yolk, and I think it was a powderd egg. Anyway it is freezing cold, they must have left it in the fridge so it would keep, I remeber back when I was young, I was involved in an international drug cartel. I was traficing some angle dust up from Mexico to Newfoundland. We was at the Cambodian boarder, all of a sudden 20....thousand boarder guards  jumps outta nowhere, well acctually they where hiding behind a model T. Ohh that was a sweet vehical. I remember when I was fucking this broad in the back seat of one, and her entire family walks by. Boy, Where they pissed, we probley should have gotten a larger auto, anyway thats where I got this scar on the back of my ear. Back to the boarder guards, This being Cambodia I of course had to bribe them with fish. I, having no fish, bribed them with a can of whop-ass, ohh-boy did they ever feel the hurt that day. Anyway, I need to go now, Conan O'brian if back for more.


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