Santa and a bit of physics
December 19, 2000

RANT #38: Misc.
Summary: Blizzards. Rudolph's nose. Reflection of light.  Optical experts, read on.
Full Text:

Okay. We all know the story of how one year Santa ALMOST had to cancel Christmas because of the 'crazy snow storm of the century', right?  THEN Santa discovered Ruldolph the red-nosed reindeer with his nose so bright.  Obviously Ruldolph was destined to save Christmas!  *yay*

Well my friend, how many of you have drove in a snow storm before?  What does bright light (ie. car headlights, OR a glowing nose) tend do in cases of a snow storm?  It makes it freakin' hard to see!!  How on earth then, would Ruldolph's crazy glowing nose make it possible to fly all over the world?!!?  Well?!  I just don't get it.

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