Cosmic and philisofical Arguements that are VERY pointless
December 9, 2000

RANT #34: Misc.
Aveda Cedavra
Summary: Nothing much (Hell heaven and how we get there)
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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Well i have been told many different things about the after life some say that you go to heaven or hell. hell being an eternity of the most pai and more that you can imagine or is hell a place were you would go to "cleanse" yourself of you sins and mybe then got to heaven (that was a long sentence.) then of course heaven might be this place were all of your personal dreams come true then it might be a pre planned place were you have fun. Or it could be that people got the names mixed up  and heaven sucks and hell is fun. then of course is the topic of were these little places are i mean how many people have died so were are thry hiding all these peoples souls. another explanation could be reincarnation like you could come back to the earth as a tree or a platapus if you were bad. some people, cough cough Athiests cough cough, say that there is no after life or any thing close to it. i have even heard arguements from drunken fools that hell was on the outer rim of the universe and that it would soon engulf us all. what the hell kind of talk is that what in god's name was that guy thinking in fact what is anyone thinking who are you why are you here are you actualy just a hallucinating quivering black mass of gelactnis protoplasm (choclate pudding.) think aboout it.

PS this rant says something else when your not looking at it. (try and catch it)

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