November 27, 2000

RANT #33: Society & Politics
Malicoff Ulinov
Summary: Why communist should be put into a pit in a death match against capitalists
Full Text:

"Communists are evil" I heard one Man talk about today. I calmly replyed if he would like to face a communist in an ultimate death match. The man ofcourse replyed "no". I was disapointed, because I find this peticular indevidual really annoying. So I said capitalism must not be that great if it is not worth dying for. Lenin Died because of a stroke. He got that stroke from a evil capitalist. Not that all capitalists are bad just this one is. A lot of other communist died fighting for what they belived in like "The Pen" and "The knife" and "The Wallabe" (He was australian) Any way I told this guy that if didn't want to die for what he believed in he might as well believe in something different. This Guy said "*$@% off" So I hit him. Unfortunately, I found out later that he had alot of money and could hire some goons. These goons met me in a dark alley. The stange thing was that the alley was perfectly lighted when I went into it. So I got my teeth knocked out.

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