The Buff Stuff
November 27, 2000

RANT #32: Misc.
Malicoff Ulinov
Summary: All those Buff Guys Taking girls away from us normal guys must be stopped.
Full Text:

Well I just got dumped recently by my ex-girlfriend. She wasn't the greatest catch in the sea but she was a relativly nice person. I am not the greatest guy with girls, but I worked really hard to make this one happy. She dumped me for this Jon Doe guy who was really muscular, I was always pretty intimidated by him... Some called him Buff he was so large. Any way I am not basing a rant on one experience. I have lost more people, friends and girlfriends alike to people who are Buffer than I am. They are nice people some say. That is also what they said about Stalin. I have a feeling all the Buffs (Strong and well built people) are out to take over the world. Or at least Canada. I mean I would be ok to be a Buff if you where a miner and needed you muscles to do your work. But these guys are always attacking me with their slow wits and big muscles. I guess I could join the groups of people that praise the Buffs but I have my dignity. I have started to plan my escape for my cell they have kept me in for two months. The fools think I am doing their homework. I would also like to thank the Tangmonkey group for letting the anti-Buffs get there opinions in. My last question is: "Does anyone have a pin I could use to pop these muscle brains???"

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