Prices Too High
November 27, 2000

RANT #28: Consumer
Ed Harvey
Summary: Gas prices have soared over the past few months. Who is to blame?
Full Text:

Whats up with the gas prices? Wait - I suppose that it's that they're up. Gas prices these days are sky high. Who is to blame for all this? I don't know; could it be collusion between the gas companies or perhaps between the evil countries that are part of OPEC. The blame probably falls on the shoulders of the Arabs for restricting the supply of the black gold. But it could also be blamed on, who else, our selves for making oil such a precious commodity.
It is time for change. We need to reduce our need for the black stuff. Over the past couple of years there have been efforts made to design fuel efficient modes of transportation. These include the hydrogen fuel cell and the gasoline electric hybride. These are great advancements but what is taking them so long? Meanwhile, OPEC will continue to suck us dry selling us their oil and we'll buy it because we've grown ever-dependent on it. Gas companies will probably also make a killing because they will raise their prices higher than they are supposed to.

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