why gordon brown should never be PM
March 26, 2007

RANT #273: Society & Politics
Summary: the fat old scot is well past his best
Full Text:

as a low end earner of £17,000 per year pre tax i now have to pay MORE tax after 2007 budget dreamed up by a so called man of the people socialist. Thats not totally fair, since our ruling party are just robots in disguise. Evil Tory robots. The Tories are forming a backlash now in the guise of hippies and the hippies have had to turn fascist.

Mr. Brown has decided that as I work for a living, have no children and consequentially a relatively tight fanny (front-bottom to u USAians) I must pay about £40 more tax a year.

Technically to save money and get tax credits i should be unemployed with 88 children and single.

True I have not tried very hard to accomplish this state of being but i was too busy (almost typed busty there. Also true) getting an education.

Mr. Brown is a scot and old and has had plastic surgery on his teeth. I am half Scottish but understand generosity and fairness. So it can't be cos he's Scottish. Perhaps its because he's a power hungry old fart who's SO jealous of Mr Blair that he stays up all night chuntering to himself and planning how he'll get his revenge in the long run.

I hope he does not get voted as labour party leader cos I want to see the look on his pasty fat face.

Im off now to get sacked in a way which will ensure my non-employability for the rest of my years and get knocked up by some unreliable skint bastard who'll probably beat me and the kids before leaving with some young blonde thing.

At least I'll pay less tax to a gov which jus pays for its own triple heart bypasses. Where was the vote on how many by-passes Blair should have had on our money anyway?

Why don't we have assaination attempts in the UK?

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