Church Cults
January 7, 2007

RANT #270: Misc.
Betty Bonner
Summary: People forcing others to join their church by peer pressure and rude social practise.
Full Text:

When joining a new department and meeting my new supervisor, I was asked to join the Central Church of Christ, which I politely declined.

I started experiencing a sense of avoidance and isolation between myself and department members. I find out that everyone there are members of the Central Church of Christ in Huntsville Alabama and that they view me as an outcast.

Every week there is a suggestion that my life at work would be better if I joined their church.

The work atmosphere is almost as if they are some kind of cult with statements like god this and god that.

This makes me feel uneasy and I wonder just what kind of people these are. I suppose it could be worse but I will not be suprised if these people end up like Waco Texas.

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