DOGs UnLeashed
June 12, 2006

RANT #264: Arts & Entertainment
Summary: GLOBAL Media-Empire Ad Nausea, or... Welcome to the Planet of the DOGGs*!!
Full Text:


It's 2006! -- Time for an UPdate!

You HATE them popping up over the webpage you are about to look at.  You DESPISE them popping up over the text you are reading.  But now, you can HATE, and DESPISE, and even LOATHE them, as they pop up over the *show* you are *watching*... on TELEVISION!

YES!!, it's the TV-POPUP! --- the most sadistic advertising technique since cold-call telemarketing!! ---- Now fortified with periodic attention-stealing SOUND-EFFECTS, as an important part of a healthy advert-diet!

Uggg!  Better make that a THROW-up-date.

Welcome to Y2K6.

(*DOGG: Digital Onscreen Graphics GUNK)

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