Ganster's as Role Models?
May 26, 2005

RANT #256: Arts & Entertainment
Summary: Disturbing new game glorifies Ganster's
Full Text:

Hello, I'm a single mother of 3 teenagers and when I got home from
work the other night my kids and there friends were playing this card
trivia game called Ebonic Pursuit. I found it disturbing that these
kids today glorify gangsters rappers and have total disrespect for the
English Language. I can even understand half of the words that they
are saying. I think Bill Cosby was right when he made his statements a
year ago. I just thought you might be interested in my dilemma.
The website is and I attached a couple pictures.
I hope one day kids can look to the parents as role role models and
not to drug dealers and illiterate rappers.
Lashonda Jefferson
Chicago IL

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