All the wrong people have money
May 19, 2005

RANT #255: Society & Politics
Adam.. Yeah, THAT one.
Summary: We're screwed and there is nothing we can do about it.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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I've spent most of my last few months pondering why exactly I'm here.  Used to be a time when that question didn't apply.  I had a person in my life who was my reason for waking up in the morning, she was my reason for dealing with all the shit you people give me every single waking hour of my life.  Recently, that no longer applies, because I have not been good to her.  I am a giant asshole, I know this and the rest of you know this.  She even knew this.  Only recently, however, has this begun to deteriorate her sanity and force her to ponder deeply what exact brain damage she must have to stick around a mental case like me.  I don't blame her, nor do I hate her for it.   Enough about her, all this recent business with her has done has caused me to consider what it is that brought me to this point in the first place.

You see, despite me being a horrable bastard, all I really want to do is to help people.  The people that deserve it, mind you.  The folks who live in their own shit, being forced to decide whether or not their children should eat this week or if they should recieve the medication that will keep their offspring sane, healthy, and ugly-gut-wrenching disease free.  I can't do that though, because currently the state of affairs dictates that a person's ability to bring about change is directly proportional to how much money that person has.  You know this already.

Well, I am not a wealthy person.

Currently, if you were to pull the same 6 numbers out of your ass in the same order that the Ohio state lottery will pull out of theirs, your winnings would total (excluding taxes and any other pending fees and bullshit) somewhere around 60 million dollars.  Most of you know what you would do with that money.  "I would buy a house"  you say.  "I want a thousand tiny cocksucker machines to give me no less than 93 orgasms a day".  And that's all well and good.  Who could fault you for wanting to spend that money on yourself.  It is <i> your money </i> after all. <i> You fucking earned it. </i>

Fuck you

You want to know what I would do with 60 million dollars?  Of course you don't, you never gave a shit about anything except for what's on TV and when your next spot of cheap American sex will come from.  But I'm going to tell you anyways.

I would take that money and I would invent things.  Not just things, but methods, and companies, and businesses.  And if I didn't have the proper functions to invent what I wanted (my functions are extremely limited, granted) I would pay someone else a lot of money to invent it for me and then I would patent it for myself.

Imagine a company run by me who's sole function is to manufacture and distribute a product.  An easy product to manufacture, with no skilled labor involved whatsoever.  Like a clothing line.  And that sole company's purpose is, not make me money....provide jobs.  I would stick factories in the lowest income, lowest employment rate areas in the United States, and the only goal of that company would be to make enough money to remain financially sound.  Imagine a T-shirt, one that costs the same exact money as the one you wear on your acne infested back right now. But instead of the money from that T-shirt going to line some corperate overlord's pockets, so that he can buy all the things you wish you had - and some that have been invented for you - all that money does is keep my company paying 8 bucks an hour to a few underpaid workers so that they don't have to take a bus for 2 hours every day to make minimum wage.  Or so they don't have to live on welfare.  Imagine that.  A company not motivated by <i>greed</i>.

You can't, can you?  You fucker.

98% of the money in this country is controlled by 2% of the population.  We have enough money here that the minimum standard of living could be full health care, 3 meals a day, and a decent roof overhead with adequate heating and running water.  This country.  The one your lazy ass is sitting in right now.  The one we cruelly wrested from the natives because they didn't believe in the same God and the same anglophonic supremacy as we did.  Instead, what we have is a homeless population that is every day growing more out of control.  The original gangbangers and criminals - who used to fight and steal and rob and kill so that they could eat that particular week - have been replaced.  The new breed of scum comes out of it's holes to maim the middle class so that it can get a fix, because drugs are quicker and easier and a better release than eating.  It has become so disgusting in this country that escaping this place has become a better option than living in it.

And you people are worried about whether or not we can smoke in bars.

If I had money, things would be different.  But just like always, in the country of Fuck-The-Other-Guy, all the wrong people get rich and all the right people get gangfucked.

I would have jumped out my window by now, but it's only 2 stories up.

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