can we please get it together (Que Do?)
May 13, 2005

RANT #254: Apologies
a tang coloured monkey
Summary: confessions of a lonely tangmonkey
Full Text:

I remember when I was once great; when the heavens knew no binding for creative juices spewing over browsers, proliferating ubiquitously like the hot lava of funk. I was a media empire for the illiterate masses. A Christological tang coloured rascal of the all encompassing web. The Official Website of the Internet!

I am to the Groovy, as Braille is to the Blind. A tangmonkey who cares. Crushing the elite, that's capital tangmonkey. Selling your soul to the devil, thats capital jamcracker. Getting stuck with the bill, thats capital monochrome. Kick it old school one last time for your monkey.

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