Thanks a lot you bunch of bastards.
February 16, 2005

RANT #253: Tangmonkey Sucks
Summary: Screw off and die, all of you irresponsible sucks!
Full Text:

  Hello Tangmonkey.  Been a while, eh you bunch of fucking retards?
  Just wanted to thank you for shutting down like that for, what was it, a YEAR?  Yeah, thanks a whole lot you amateur sons of bitches.  I had my email account on here with all my addresses.  Fuck all of you.  All my old emails are gone now, the ones that were very important to me.  Not to mention all of a sudden people couldn't get in touch with me so I started missing out on all this stuff.
  When I first saw the message about you fuckers 'being right back', I thought it would be for maybe a week or three, not a jesus-fucking YEAR!
  You guys are really a bunch of cuntwads.  Thanks for the no warning, that was awesome.
  I'm never coming here again and I'm telling everyone you SUCK.  If you want to be a real grown-up reputable website that hosts email, you guys better get your fucking act together.
  Once again, thanks a lot.  And you guys better fucking pull it together.
  Fuck off,
  Yours Truly

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