Police ruined my thanksgiving :(
October 11, 2004

RANT #251: Society & Politics
Jeck Lamnent
Summary: Thanks to the Canadian police for herassing me on Thanksgiving. I'll repay them on Christmas.
Full Text:

Today, thanksgiving, two Canadian police officers came to my house and told me I'm guilty of breaking into someone's house. I said 'no I'm not' they said 'yes you are' and asked me to the station for questioning to which I said 'no'.

The officers stated I was definatly guilty because I refused to come to the station. 'Its clear you are guilty, You Are Guilty because you don't want to come down and clear yourself.' I said 'no, actually I have my own agenda.'.

One officer was a petite female. I think she was hyped up on sugar donuts and caffeine cause her face was red and she was vibrating. Me being Guilty was spit out every 2nd sentance. The one crime I didn't commit and I'm being pressured so hard I feel like confessing to it. She said 'You broke into this house.' I said, 'I didn't do anything.'.

I asked them if they read my file. They said 'no' and I said 'well if you read it you'll see I'm not a criminal'. They said they knew I was guilty and were going to get more evidence. I said, 'ok, I will go to the station if you void the ticket I have on my license.' The vibrator said 'I don't do deals. We'll be back with more evidence.'. To which I replied, 'ok, you do that.'.

The silent male officer asked about my ticket.
I said 'An officer pulled me over and hit me with a ticket for not having the proper address on my license, I've been back and forth out of Canada (Europe and Asia) so my address changes alot.'.

He asked if I couldn't drive because of it. I said, 'No! I can drive, its just that I have something against my license now when I haven't done anything wrong.'.

The red faced ADHD patient said, 'so what? I have tickets!' to which I replied in a snobish manner, 'you have tickets?'. She said 'yes, its not a big deal.' To which I stated 'Its a big deal for me because I don't know if my driving abstract states whether my address was wrong or if I had violated traffic laws.'. The silent officer stated it would list the address prob.

She said 'We'll be back with more evidence' and I once again said 'ok, you do that.'. Then I stated that since I'm moving I'll give them my new address to ensure they have no probs finding me.

I've kinda lost faith the police force for pulling a name out of their behind and sending a tiny scared female officer to my house to try and convince me I'm guilty of something.

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